Thursday, September 24, 2015

Antagonist Characters

Some recent character drawings I did. These ones both happen to be antagonists!

Tekidan is a terrorist who resides in Diamond City and has the ability to use his eyes to create explosions. He does his work undercover as a police officer. He is usually a serious man, but can become very talkative and lively whenever someone tries to push his buttons. His goal is to completely obliterate the Diamond Forest, so he slowly works his way towards achieving that.

Koji is one of the Eight Dragons of Fear, who run the Eight Nations of the Demon World. Koji is the fearsome leader of the Fire Continent who is very demanding. Though he is often taken advantage of for being the weakest of the dragons in the Demon World. He is not as well-respected as the others, which is why he is much more angry and hasty.

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