Friday, June 5, 2015

Sketchbook Scenes

I've been working on my story's timeline, and it's extremely close to being caught up-to-date! So that's exciting. While I've been going back and reading the recent Eventures, I got inspired to do some sketches of some of the scenarios.

This started out as a small sketch in my sketchbook, then I decided to color it digitally. And then it kind of turned into a comic book title page. I haven't really done finished illustrations in awhile, so this was a lot of fun to do. So this is when Shaw is heading out to find his first teammate for the World Leader Exam. He starts out with Ted and Doge on his side, but they're searching through PS World to find Gahla, the Poison Mage.

A sketch I did of Thing, when he's helping out on Piko's team.

Some sketches from the scenes when Scott leaves Rudat's team.

A little scene of Zandra talking to Gyro and Pidgebeetle when she returns to Tag World.

And this is Pubby with his flamethrower, once he's been a member of the Dusty Dimes for over a year. Gair and Trekkon haven't seen Pubby for awhile, so they're pretty shocked (and this is Drogo's first encounter with Pubby).

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