Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Recent Characters!

It's getting close to the time when I'll be away from my computer for months, so I'm posting a lot of what I've been doing recently so there's nothing leftover for when I leave.

Buisze is probably the strongest man in Frank Lady World. He is often called if there is trouble occurring in Frank Lady World. He seals the evil ones in the clouds using his sword, in order to keep peace and order in the World. Buisze is often a very serious man who follows by the rules.

Ginko is one of the highest ranking white cloaks in Mr Dude World. Even though Mr Dude runs his world, Ginko outranks him in certain areas. The white cloaked men deal with discipline and other police-type affairs. He is very strict and always abides by rules. He often ridicules Mr Dude for being too soft and being lenient with the rules. Ginko is probably the most powerful person in all of Mr Dude World.

Marr is a very hated child among The Nays. She was raised by Kevin and Sylvia, but is actually an alien creature born in a different World. She was switched with Kevin and Sylvia's actual child a little bit after she was born. Marr was an outcast and alienated by all of the kids in her neighborhood; they even named her "stinky girl" and would continuously make fun of her.

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