Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pam-chan & Professor Aud

These were some more characters that I did this past week.

Pam-chan is a very lively and outgoing girl who loves dancing around and being crazy. Pam-chan loves to paint and has the ability to turn her paintings into reality to aid her. She is very close friends with Xing, since the two of them grew up together in Party Sanctuary World. Pam-chan usually stays within her friend group, but she will sometimes talk to others and have fun with whoever she's with. She later "befriends" Gojo, who calls her "Pam," and always talks to her; though this somewhat annoys her.

Professor Aud is an evil professor who enjoys experimenting on living beings. He usually enjoys changing their cells and adding his own touch to them in order to call them "his specimen." He expects all of his specimen to obey him and follow whatever orders he gives them.

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