Friday, June 19, 2015

Off to Seattle!

So I'm finally heading off to Seattle today! Since I'm not bringing my computer with me, this will be my last blog post until some time in August. I'm still going to try to post to my Instagram once a day, so check that out if you have one!

Here's all the stuff I've done recently that hasn't been posted here yet:

Ralphie is an extremely loud boy who is almost always talking (he even comments whenever no one is currently talking). Whenever him and Gojo are doing something together, they'll usually be screaming and trying to have as much fun as possible. He does not like it being quiet and also annoys many people. Ralphie is barely ever serious in peaceful times, but when someone he really cares about is in trouble, he can almost completely change his personality. Although best friends with Gojo, he can sometimes become jealous of him living with Mar. Ralphie wants to one day follow in his father's footsteps and become a detective, but at this point, he's much more pre-occupied in The Worlds to think about future plans. That doesn't stop him from "playing detective" in multiple circumstances, though.

Bason is a very laid-back guy who often travels due to his job. Because of this, he doesn't always want to drag his son Thing with him, so Malcolm takes care of Thing often. He sometimes helps out with minor tasks for the Tano Military, but he is not really much of a fighter. His wife Florence is the one who actually helps out in fighting.

The Brother Who Talks Like This, commonly known as The Brother or "Bro," follows in his Nephew's footsteps of attempting to seal off The Worlds so that The Nays are trapped there forever. He is very cunning and is able to make up believable stories about his past for others to believe. Bro forms a group of friends with Yaguzi and Opko, and eventually Zandra begins to side with him.
A doodle of Red XIII to celebrate the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4.

And these were some doodles I did at the Mentor Mall while waiting for my food to be ready.

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