Sunday, June 14, 2015

Neen & Fegg

Some characters that had been designed previously, they just haven't been drawn in awhile.

Neen is a necromancer who was once a black mage. He used to be a very quiet and unsocial black mage, but once his jealousy of Kai (his cousin who had many friends) grew, he decided to abandon his title of black mage and learn necromancy. Neen's jealousy led to his anger surging and even was the driving force that caused him to hill his cousin Zev, in order to obtain more power. He will often make contracts with the dead so that he can have more mindless puppets in his army to conquer the whole Superve family.

Fegg is a shapeshifting woman who is skilled at imitation, not only in form, but in personality as well. She is one of the R Nays and was chosen because of her skills.

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