Monday, June 1, 2015

More Sketchbook/Digital Nays!

These were done a week or so ago, but probably two of my better ones.

Yuka is a friendly girl that is always optimistic. She enjoys playing music and listening to it. Growing up in a harsh environment, she has developed a strict conduct and always abides by the rules. She has the ability to cheer up her friends with encouraging words and actions very easily.

Lonny is a boy who passed The Nays Exam for unknown reasons. He cares little about any of The Nays and is only friends with Pubby out of all of them. He is the leader of the Dusty Dimes, and is constantly checking his cell phone and texting people. He has a mean attitude towards his brothers, (including Punchy, Kicky, and Laui) but does not really talk to those that he does not know.

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