Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Matoko & Rovi

Some more character drawings!

Matoko is usually cold to people, and tends to blame his problems on Trekkon, his cousin. Ever since his aunt died, he has hated Trekkon, blaming him for her death; and when Trekkon joined the Field Ravens, and fell in love with Rasake, it made him hate him even more. Matoko is a very vengeful person, and keeps Rasake to himself, and will protect her at any cost. He also hates Gair because likes Rasake, and naturally she is nice to him in return. Matoko will usually not be happy, unless he is with only Rasake.

Rovi is a deadly boy who lives in SN World. He is very bloodthirsty boy who is feared by people all over SN World. Whoever he sets his eyes on, he wants to kill and eat. Rovi is a boy who is best to be avoided at all costs, because he will never give up on trying to kill someone.

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