Monday, June 15, 2015

Luxa and Bobby

These were some fun characters to design! I had some rough designs in the past, but these ones look a lot better than what I originally had.

Luxa is a tiger who longs to have a group of friends that she can trust and rely on. She enjoys lounging around and playing with her friends. Luxa is usually very serious but she is easily distracted. Whenever she will meet another feline like herself, she can become very talkative and loves to be acquainted with them. Luxa cannot speak English yet, so she really only talks to other felines.

Bobby is one of Gallu's assistants who does not enjoy dealing with people. He usually tries to snag the jobs that are back-stage over the social ones where he is required to mingle with others at the Party Place. Although, when he has to, he is actually pretty good at helping others. Even though he doesn't relate to others often, it really is something when he cares about someone deeply. He also takes his job very easily, and will do what he can to help out Gallu.

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