Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Joney & Shimahari

Some more characters!

Shimahari is a very naïve and hasty girl who even lost her right eye from a foolish action. She always grew up wanting to be the strongest, so she has trained pretty much her whole life. She has a strong connection to Kronos, as well as Gradd. Shimahari always longed as a child to find her parents, but once she found her actual father, she decided that she would rather be much more independent.

Joney is a young mother who loves long walks on the beach. She really enjoys nature and being outdoors, so will spend as much time as she can outside. She works as a realtor and loves to travel. Joney used to be Kevin's girl friend back when they were in high school, but they have both found different partners now and are still good friends with each other.

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