Monday, June 8, 2015

Gallu & Min Min

My characters have been rather purple recently.

Gallu is commonly known to The Nays as PS Guy. He is the son of Haru, and is in control of the Party Place in PS World. He is the one who watches over The Nays when they are in Party Sanctuary World, and he will often organize activities for them to do. Gallu does not have much self-confidence, and is often looking to Haru, and his friends, for guidance. Gallu favors Gair and JrTr for the same unknown reason as Haru. Gallu is usually very busy organizing parties and does not have much time to spend with The Nays consecutively.

Min Min is a very controlling woman who always demands that others obey her at all times. She thinks that she only says things when she knows that she's right. Although her partner is Paul, she often manipulates him into doing whatever she wants and is the one giving out orders to him. Whenever she is in trouble, she refuses to lose and will immediately retreat.

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