Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Meet Amelia

I've been working on a new character for the past week or so. Her name is Amelia and I'm planning on making her appear after The World Leader Exam and Nays Banquet, so she may not come for awhile, but I wanted to make a new character (even though I already have a million).

This is the design that I think I'm going with for her. The colors might not be final, but it's what I came up with so far.

Some expression studies.

And these were lots of clothing sketches that I came up with initially. For some reason when I draw in pencil, the scans come out really super light, so I apologize for the bad quality images.

Additionally, I made a short trailer video for the Eventure that she is going to first appear on. I was testing out effects in Premiere and creating cutscenes in RPGmaker.

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