Friday, June 19, 2015

Off to Seattle!

So I'm finally heading off to Seattle today! Since I'm not bringing my computer with me, this will be my last blog post until some time in August. I'm still going to try to post to my Instagram once a day, so check that out if you have one!

Here's all the stuff I've done recently that hasn't been posted here yet:

Ralphie is an extremely loud boy who is almost always talking (he even comments whenever no one is currently talking). Whenever him and Gojo are doing something together, they'll usually be screaming and trying to have as much fun as possible. He does not like it being quiet and also annoys many people. Ralphie is barely ever serious in peaceful times, but when someone he really cares about is in trouble, he can almost completely change his personality. Although best friends with Gojo, he can sometimes become jealous of him living with Mar. Ralphie wants to one day follow in his father's footsteps and become a detective, but at this point, he's much more pre-occupied in The Worlds to think about future plans. That doesn't stop him from "playing detective" in multiple circumstances, though.

Bason is a very laid-back guy who often travels due to his job. Because of this, he doesn't always want to drag his son Thing with him, so Malcolm takes care of Thing often. He sometimes helps out with minor tasks for the Tano Military, but he is not really much of a fighter. His wife Florence is the one who actually helps out in fighting.

The Brother Who Talks Like This, commonly known as The Brother or "Bro," follows in his Nephew's footsteps of attempting to seal off The Worlds so that The Nays are trapped there forever. He is very cunning and is able to make up believable stories about his past for others to believe. Bro forms a group of friends with Yaguzi and Opko, and eventually Zandra begins to side with him.
A doodle of Red XIII to celebrate the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4.

And these were some doodles I did at the Mentor Mall while waiting for my food to be ready.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

World Leader Exam Sketches

I've been trying to draw more scenes from my story, because it makes my story feel more alive and real (to me at least, haha). 

This was a recent part when Shaw recruits Megumi on his team (she's literally the only person left in the time he has).
The scene in which the floating island leaves right before Grenna and Scott's eyes.

The Nays that are taking the World Leader Exam (drew this as celebration of finally finishing my story's timeline).

And these are a bunch of characters being introduced during the World Leader Exam.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Recent Characters!

It's getting close to the time when I'll be away from my computer for months, so I'm posting a lot of what I've been doing recently so there's nothing leftover for when I leave.

Buisze is probably the strongest man in Frank Lady World. He is often called if there is trouble occurring in Frank Lady World. He seals the evil ones in the clouds using his sword, in order to keep peace and order in the World. Buisze is often a very serious man who follows by the rules.

Ginko is one of the highest ranking white cloaks in Mr Dude World. Even though Mr Dude runs his world, Ginko outranks him in certain areas. The white cloaked men deal with discipline and other police-type affairs. He is very strict and always abides by rules. He often ridicules Mr Dude for being too soft and being lenient with the rules. Ginko is probably the most powerful person in all of Mr Dude World.

Marr is a very hated child among The Nays. She was raised by Kevin and Sylvia, but is actually an alien creature born in a different World. She was switched with Kevin and Sylvia's actual child a little bit after she was born. Marr was an outcast and alienated by all of the kids in her neighborhood; they even named her "stinky girl" and would continuously make fun of her.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Myself" & Ann

Two old characters that are getting more finalized designs.

Myself Alium is a strange creature who always carries his trusty gun with him. He longs to drink a legendary juice, because he was told it would help him regain lost memories. He is always seen with The Bat by his side.

Ann is a very cheerful girl who is a childhood friend of Murou. She loves to play outside and have fun, so can sometimes be called a "tomboy." She enjoys reading detective stories and catching fireflies.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Luxa and Bobby

These were some fun characters to design! I had some rough designs in the past, but these ones look a lot better than what I originally had.

Luxa is a tiger who longs to have a group of friends that she can trust and rely on. She enjoys lounging around and playing with her friends. Luxa is usually very serious but she is easily distracted. Whenever she will meet another feline like herself, she can become very talkative and loves to be acquainted with them. Luxa cannot speak English yet, so she really only talks to other felines.

Bobby is one of Gallu's assistants who does not enjoy dealing with people. He usually tries to snag the jobs that are back-stage over the social ones where he is required to mingle with others at the Party Place. Although, when he has to, he is actually pretty good at helping others. Even though he doesn't relate to others often, it really is something when he cares about someone deeply. He also takes his job very easily, and will do what he can to help out Gallu.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Neen & Fegg

Some characters that had been designed previously, they just haven't been drawn in awhile.

Neen is a necromancer who was once a black mage. He used to be a very quiet and unsocial black mage, but once his jealousy of Kai (his cousin who had many friends) grew, he decided to abandon his title of black mage and learn necromancy. Neen's jealousy led to his anger surging and even was the driving force that caused him to hill his cousin Zev, in order to obtain more power. He will often make contracts with the dead so that he can have more mindless puppets in his army to conquer the whole Superve family.

Fegg is a shapeshifting woman who is skilled at imitation, not only in form, but in personality as well. She is one of the R Nays and was chosen because of her skills.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Recent Life Drawings

Whenever I go out somewhere, I try to make a point to do at least one page of life drawings. I haven't been going out to public places with people too often though (aside from picnics, where I don't have time to do life drawing), so here are the few places I did manage to go to:

Mentor Mall

Colossal Con

Di Bella's Subs

Friday, June 12, 2015

World Leader Exam Characters

Since I've been working on my story, I designed a bunch of characters that The Nays will face in the World Leader Exam. A bunch of these are pretty much background characters, but I had some fun.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bertha & Eddy

Some interesting characters I drew over the weekend. I usually don't draw babies or old people very often, so this was a little different.

Bertha is a cranky old lady who helps Malcolm run a daycare center on an island off of North Harbor. She is very bad at cooking, but she enjoys doing it, so Malcolm lets her make strange foods occasionally, to keep her happy. Bertha hates children, but will usually take care of cleaning up and other behind-the-scene jobs at the daycare in order to make a living.

Eddy is a very happy young child that only appeared in the beginning of The Nays. He very insecure when left alone, so he will always be seen with his small group of friends. There are some spoilers about him that shall not be told yet though.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Joney & Shimahari

Some more characters!

Shimahari is a very naïve and hasty girl who even lost her right eye from a foolish action. She always grew up wanting to be the strongest, so she has trained pretty much her whole life. She has a strong connection to Kronos, as well as Gradd. Shimahari always longed as a child to find her parents, but once she found her actual father, she decided that she would rather be much more independent.

Joney is a young mother who loves long walks on the beach. She really enjoys nature and being outdoors, so will spend as much time as she can outside. She works as a realtor and loves to travel. Joney used to be Kevin's girl friend back when they were in high school, but they have both found different partners now and are still good friends with each other.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sketchbook Doodles!

I've been trying to draw in my sketchbook more, mostly when an idea sparks, or when I have a sudden image of how a scene in my story would look, I jot it down. Plus some of these are from car rides or while watching stuff.

A scene when Vhan first meets Juan Carlos. She's sent to give him a message but she forgets what it is and butchers it.

When watching The Rolling Girls (and finishing the series) I did these sketches.

Some sketches I did in the car ride to Colossalcon.