Monday, May 18, 2015

Traditional Daily Characters

I decided to start drawing in my sketchbook, before I fully get used to using my tablet again. It's been fun, since I hadn't really had a chance to draw in it for the past semester. I've been able to use my sketchbook more for myself lately, so that's been enjoyable.

Dyll is a DJ from Biggert City, who sometimes travels because of his job. He doesn't like to settle in one place. He loves funky music and is always seen with headphones on, jamming out to some funky music.

Munn and D.Munn are twin brothers who both used to love helping people, but D.Munn has strayed from his righteous path. Munn is one of the nicest creatures from Biggert City because he will selflessly put everyone else's needs before his own. On the other hand, D.Munn used to be a very nice creature, but he later throws away those morals and lives only for himself, favoring destruction over sympathy.

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