Friday, May 1, 2015

No More Classes

So I am completely done with school forever. It's a strange feeling I must say. I finished up classes last night around 5pm, so now this last week will be recovering from my sickness, catching up on sleep, and spending my last moments in Columbus with my friends.  I'm not really sure if I should feel relieved, happy, sad, excited, scared, or whatever else is mixed into this weird feeling. Once I graduate next week I may have a more definite feeling, but we'll see.

Now in the meantime, I will be drawing my daily characters. I promise, I still did during finals, but they weren't really the best quality drawings. I will be trying to catch up on posting those, THEN my thesis and finals will be up. So bear with me while I get through these older drawings.

Ben Kino was once an innocent young boy who always loved to laugh. Things have changed and he laughs no more. He got tired of being excluded and decided to take things into his own hands. He is now a strong, merciless leader who leads all of those who were forgotten. He seeks out revenge against those who forgot him and treated him like he was invisible.

Toad is a very lively man who leads the World of C R I M. He is acquainted with many various people, and has knowledge on many diverse people. Toad has a very enthusiastic attitude and will become excited quite easily. When he opposes a specific idea, he will not hold back his opinion and will state exactly as he thinks.

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