Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Experimenting for Daily Characters

These were some daily characters where I was still experimenting and trying to see what I like best. I tried out traditional, then digital. Neither were really what I was totally looking for.

Kronos is a strong-willed boy who has a close bond with Shimahari. Since he was young, he was told to protect Shimahari, so he is very protective of her. He loves training and becoming stronger. He thinks out his actions before acting upon them, and is a very deep thinker. Kronos is often found correcting Shimahari's mistakes or preventing her from getting herself into trouble. He acts as an older brother figure to her, and loves to joke around with her.

Punchy is a very outgoing boy who loves to imitate others. His interests all revolve around his hero, Scott. Although he initially went along with whatever his brother Kicky did, he has recently started to become his own individual person. Much of his time in The Worlds was spent with his friend RoaR. After a short while however, RoaR betrayed Punchy and continually attempted to kill his family. This has caused a whole series of rivalries involving the CrY and Blue families.

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