Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back from Canada!

I had a really great time in Canada, and I was able to do lots of drawing in my sketchbook while I was there! I ended up filling up 22 pages in my main sketchbook, and 6 pages in my mini-on-the-go sketchbook. Additionally, aside from all of the drawings you'll see in this post, I also drew daily characters that I will be posting throughout the week. 

These were all of the character sketches I did in the car rides.

Lots of life drawings from in the car, when we rode through the cities. They're labeled on the actual pages, but the places I was able to sketch at were: Windsor, London, St. Thomas, Mississauga, and Toronto. On the way back, in Ohio I also sketched when we went through Ashtabula and Geneva.

And these were the sketches done in my mini-on-the-go sketchbook. The first page is from a mall we stopped at in Kitchener, and then on the bus in Mississauga. 

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