Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thing & Oujou

These characters I had a little more difficulty with for some reason.

Thing is a very strange young boy. He changed from being a knowledgeable young boy to one with very little intelligence. Thing has strength within him, but he is usually too clueless to battle unless his friends are really in trouble. He is commonly seen with a large smile on his face as well as some kind of dirt or food stains on his clothes or face. Thing likes training and believes that if he stops moving, he will become weak, so is often found running around.

Oujou is one of the members of the Death Association. He is a man of few words who is very intimidating. Oujou always wants to battle and kill. He takes pride in the number of people he kills and even keeps count. Most demons in the Demon World fear this man because he is so powerful and bloodthirsty.

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