Friday, April 17, 2015

Serenity & Curry

Some more familiar characters.

 Serenity is the sister of Kevin and the wife of Gary. She is very kindhearted and has a strong passion for her husband. Serenity is always seen dolled up and wants to do everything she can to impress her husband. Whenever she is around him, she is always seen clinging to him and standing closely at his side. Love has been the center of her life and she is living a very happy life.

Curry is a movie director who lives in SN World. He is a man of few words who hates the Blue family, mostly because of his past in the Dusty Dimes. He enjoys traveling to different Worlds and finding actors off the street to perform in his movies, in order to provide a "nice variation," as he puts it. He is very mysterious and not much else is really known about him.

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