Monday, April 13, 2015

Pink Characters

These were some fun and more unique characters.

Waga is a fairly new Bird-In-Training who is very strict. He always follows the rules and is extremely stern with his Nays. Because he is new, he makes sure to follow every rule closely in order to keep his position. He is very punctual and always comes very early to Bird-In-Training events. He never misses deadlines and is always very aware of what is going on.

Changer is a genderfluid rat that strategically changes gender depending on the circumstances. He has a love for Pepsi and can typically be seen stealing cans from Pepsi trucks. He has a huge crush on Levy, his childhood best friend, and he will do anything he can to impress her. He even changes his gender to female in hopes that she will want to be closer with him.

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