Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mr Marcus & Monster of the Lake

These were some characters to draw.

Monster of the Lake, MotL, is a very greedy creature that serves as the driver for the group. He drives a car that he calls the MotL Mobile, and charges even his close friends high prices to ride with him. He despises the idea of sharing and will often steal things he does not need, just for the fun of it. He is an essential to the group because of his ability to drive, so he takes advantage of the situation greatly.

Mr Marcus is quite possibly one of the strongest members of the Dusty Dimes. He is a very strict teacher who loves to grade tests. He leads Marcus World and is very rarely seen. Mr Marcus is almost always seen in a bad mood unless cake is involved in the event. He does not enjoy acquainting himself with people and loves to give his students bad grades.  

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