Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lizzy & Theomantus

Some more characters I've been pretty happy with.

Lizzy is a very friendly scientist who is always cheerful and kind. She is fairly young, but her and her husband Taylor adopt a young boy named Chozu as their son. Lizzy is extremely dedicated to her work, but because she works so hard, she is often very tired and out of it. Lizzy is not very responsible, especially with money, and will often buy overpriced groceries.

Theomantus is a very creepy kid who does not have many friends, due to his obsessive nature. Once he finds a friend, he will not let go of them no matter what, and will go to extreme measures to make sure they stay friends, even if the friendship is not mutual. He ends up stalking Mar and calling her "Save." His love for her is so toxic that he ends up doing some terrible things to ensure she is "his."

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