Saturday, April 4, 2015

Forlorn & Adrian

Some more characters I've drawn before! Adrian is one that I've been working with a lot, since he is the main character of the demo for my game.

Forlorn was once a quiet girl, until her friend was killed and she went on a murderous rampage. She was not very close to anyone aside from her friend, Mocha, so that is when she snapped. Forlorn has always been fairly lonely, so this loss destroyed her. She used to be very obedient and calm, until this moment.

Adrian is a detective who is not too confident in himself, even if he excels at his job. He is at least a little more confident while at work, but it is definitely bad when he is at home. He is often pushed around and taken advantage of by basically his whole family. Pubby is the only one who does not treat him that way, really; aside from his best friend Taylor at least.

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