Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earthbound Remake Group Project

So my Theories of Personality class, I have been working with a group to create a mock-up idea for an Earthbound remake. We had to figure out the personality type of the people who would buy the remake, which we found out through a survey. And the last portion was creating artwork for it.

This was a cutscene still that I drew, for when Tessie comes.

And then this was a version with how it would actually look on the 3DS.

This was the cover that Anna made.

And then this was the back cover that Shannara put together, and created the screenshots for.
And this was the persona that Anna created for our target audience. She's based on Kumatora from Mother 3.

Go check out  Anna and  Shannara's work as well.
They were really fun group members to work with, and I had a pretty enjoyable experience overall with the project.

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