Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cipo and his Friend

These ones are more closely related in story, and coincidentally their birthdays fall around the same time.

Cipo is a very formal young man who is always with his friend, Kolo, also known as Cipo's Friend. Cipo is the son of a famous inventor, so has learned some valuable skills from his father. Cipo is always watching over The Nays no matter which World they are in, but he comes from Tag World. Although he is watching over them, he is pretty much the same age as them, so they often don't listen to him.

Kolo, commonly known as Cipo's Friend or CF, is the clone of Cipo and result of "Project Cipo's Friend." He is slow and deformed, but he has a big heart and always wants to cheer people up. He is Cipo's very best friend, and actually one of the few friends he has. As a child, Cipo was very lonely so his father created this friend for him. CF has a very similar personality to Cipo, but upon the recent discovery that he is a clone, he has begun to distance himself as an individual.

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