Sunday, February 15, 2015


It's been getting a bit more difficult to keep up with homework and the daily characters, but I think that if I can charge through and keep pulling out these character drawings, it will in turn make my class work a lot better. These usually serve as an hour or two of warm-up drawings a day for me, so overall even if it feels like they're making me procrastinate, they really are in turn helping me a lot.

Fuzzy is a sheep who has a very know-it-all personality. Her favorite activity is cheating, and he enjoys pretending to be someone who she isn't. Fuzzy has a major crush on Cimc and will do whatever she can to win him over. She has always been one of the clowns of the liars, and is one of the least liked out of their group.

Briaz is a laid-back man who can travel through dimensions. After his head was chopped off, he has gained the ability to remove his head from his body whenever he wishes. He is a very impatient man and he is always trying to do everything as quickly as possible.

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