Thursday, February 19, 2015

Posed Characters

I've been neglecting really thinking about the poses of my characters overall, but this time I decided to at least add in an object for Pigger to interact with. I'm hoping to remember to do this more in the future, because it really helps with posing and makes them more interesting.

Pigger is very overprotective of the orphans and will always be guarding them and deciding what they can and cannot view. He acts as a very strong parent figure to the orphans and always knows their whereabouts. He used to be a very silly and carefree young man, but over the years he has come to be very strict and stern, but still very caring and gentle towards the orphans. He also has a love for clam chowder, as he is pictured eating it.

Oketsu is a fairly serious man who was the first to split off from the first generation Nays. He is the father of Gashil and the "Chozu and Scott" of the first generation Nays. He was the first to die of the group, mostly because of his mean attitude towards a bunch of them. He always makes fun of people and enjoys hurting others to make himself feel better. He is definitely one of the meaner Nays, but he was somehow seen as one of the most popular ones.

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