Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Interesting Characters

I had a lot of fun with these two characters. Their designs already existed, but I never did a full finished piece of either of them until now. So it was a lot of fun to really see how they look in full color and rendered out. I think these are some of the better ones I've done in awhile.

Mar is a very kind girl who is very outgoing and always seems to be happy. She likes to save in video games, which explains why she dubs herself with the nickname "Save." She doesn't talk all that much to anyone besides her close circle of friends though, in fear of being bullied. She has a crush on both Ralphie and Gojo, but has never actually told anyone about it, even though it is well too obvious to all of The Nays.

Streeka is an angry boy who loves the thrill of battle. He will do whatever he can to engage in a fight with his enemies, especially those who oppose the Tano clan. He is very faithful to the Tanos and will do everything in his power to abide by their laws. He often causes trouble, but because he is very powerful, only World Leaders are able to stand up to him to stop him, most of the time. He has even been taken prisoner in Frank Lady World due to some of his aggressive tenancies.

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