Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oleg & Yaguzi

And here are some more character drawings from the week!

Oleg is a very jolly old man whose laugh can shake entire houses and be heard from miles away. He will do whatever he can to make his grandchildren happy and enjoys spoiling them when he can. Though he is a grandfather, he is not particularly responsible, as he did lose one of them when going out on a trip with them.

Yaguzi is an easygoing guy who loves socializing. Although he gets nervous around new groups of people, he usually appears to be very collected and calm nevertheless. Yaguzi has the ability to travel through time, and is able to see events that his self in other time lines are seeing. Sometimes he has outbursts and his abilities are not always completely under his control, so he can look to be suspicious from other peoples' point of view. His family is not yet known, but he comes from a line of "cats," as he puts it, because they are known for using claws in battle. Also, Yaguzi was trained under Mr Dude, so he has formed a close bond with him also because of their similarities in time traveling abilities.

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