Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nays Collab The Board Game

So this is a fun little project that my brother and I started at the very beginning of winter break. We only played it for two days total, but it was a lot of fun. We created a board game for our characters to play and are having them gain "points" for the game by the number of notes they get on Tumblr. You can check out the blog here. A lot of these drawings you see will be collaborations we did. The ones I did not take part in are not pictured here, but are pictured on the blog.

Pixel art of Wes and Lupita.

This was a short comic we made. The only panel I drew was the long horizontal one in the middle.

Photo album page where there was a prompt to draw the other Nay that was playing at the time as an animal. And then one of The Nays had to make a comment on the page.

Collaboration drawing of random stuff. I drew Gojo (the one laying on the ground) and Lonny (the one taking a photo with his phone).

Two "Guess the Character" drawings where we searched for the newest drawing on the Fanart page of deviantART and drew one of the characters we recognized from the page.

And then these are some paper cut-out Nays that we made. My two are on the right side and his are the two on the left. There are also closeups we took of them, I just included the two I did on here, but they're all on the blog.

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