Saturday, January 17, 2015

More Familiar Characters

So I've been getting to some characters who are a bit more important in The Nays. Some that are coming up are main characters, and others are pretty important to the story as well. It's a nice change from some of the background characters I came across earlier.

Gojo is an obnoxious boy who probably needed to be disciplined more as a child. He gets very enthusiastic about whatever he is doing, and his voice can usually be heard from miles away. He hates silence and will prevent it at all costs; which can cause many people to view him as annoying. He has a crush on his housemate Mar, as does his best friend Ralphie. Neither of them ever mentions it, but they can get jealous of each other at times.

MadRat is an intimidating member of the Bleeding Libras. He is feared by many in Neo Obelisque City, and will beat up anyone who stands in his way. His super strength is what makes people fear him most, and he is not particularly nice, even to those who consider themselves his comrades.

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