Thursday, January 15, 2015

First Week: Almost Complete

Just need to finish up this day and then the first week of classes will be over. I've been trying to keep up with my daily characters this semester, but considering it's my final semester and I'm going to be super busy with my thesis, I can only image there will be some days (or weeks) that I am unable to in the future. So just a heads-up there!

Zitca is a very eccentric, yet intelligent robot. He adds his catchphrase "buh" to almost everything he says. Despite his oddities, he is a world renowned hacker who can do just about anything with a keyboard and mouse at his fingers. He was originally close friends with Shaw and Gair, but has grown a bit distanced from them in recent years.

Cassie is the mother of Gair and Zandra, and the wife of Jaboo. She is a very angry woman who is almost always in a bad mood. She is not a very nice person to be around when she is extremely angry; she can become very violent and cause a lot of damage. She enjoys punishing her children and will go out of her way to find their faults. Although she may not look it, she actually enjoys cooking; not to say that she is a very good cook, but she still enjoys it nonetheless. At one point, she gets very angry and throws a stove, severely injuring someone (hence the pose she is in here).

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