Saturday, January 3, 2015

First and Last Nays of the Year

Continuing along with my Character-A-Day Project! This here is the last one of 2014 and the first one of 2015.

IGirl is a very excited orphan who loves playing with dolls. She spaces out very easily and is not very aware of her surroundings. IGirl loves to be around her group of friends and likes to start conversations according to her interests. She is a bit slow, but is overall very happy and fun to be around.

Malik is the creator of The Worlds, who watches over all of them. He is very omniscient and knowledgeable. Malik is a very calm-minded man who is very understanding, yet controlling. His close watch over The Nays has helped him to gradually grow as their companion as well as guardian. He does not interact with the lower class very often, but is usually acquainted with the highest officials of The Worlds. He resides in the Timeless Abyss, the very first World within The Worlds.

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