Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Final Semester at CCAD

So I'm in my last semester at CCAD, which is pretty crazy. It feels like it went by pretty fast. I'm definitely going to miss it a lot, so I'm gonna try my best to really accomplish as much as I can this semester. There has been a gap in blog posts because I've mostly been busy with moving back in, starting up classes, and other things. But now I'm back to posting at least every other day (until classes pick up a lot at least).

Kicky is a very outgoing boy who loves to imitate others. His interests all revolve around his hero, Scott. Before he knew Scott, Kicky copied off of his brother Punchy's personality. Kicky does not really have much of his own opinion and often relies on others to decide for him. Kicky is very mean to people that he does not like and usually ends up talking really loudly when he is upset.

Timmy is a very cheerful young boy who loves playing video games for children. He will always tell people that he is in the "E Group" because the games he plays are rated E. He is always looking for new friends, and once he gains a new friend, he will do whatever he can to keep them. He has a very strong attachment to Scott, regardless of how much Scott hates him.

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