Monday, January 26, 2015

Darkitu and Blue Ice

Some more characters I've done this weekend! Darkitu's pose was actually based off an old sketch from earlier this month.

Blue Ice is newest of the Higher Up Birds and does not particularly enjoy dealing with children. In his experiences as a Bird-In-Training, he would not entertain his kids but instead he would just watch over them and make sure that they were behaving. Blue Ice is usually a fairly brave dragon, but when he is dealing with his Nay, Veetoff, he can become quite cowardly. He is usually more of a follower and doesn't really think on his own very much. He enjoys to watch over events rather than participate in them, but he is very intelligent. Blue Ice is possibly one of the strongest in Tag World, but he is often too lazy to use his powers and will usually not use his full strength.

Darkitu is a very strong assistant to Gallu. He is very good at hiding in the shadows and sneaking around when necessary. Darkitu will often help Gallu in indirect ways, as his way to guiding Gallu on the right path. He often tries to hide any good deeds that he does in order to keep his cool front. He has a weird way with words and talks about Speedvoring it up. He also enjoys complete silence during his Thinking Plan.

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