Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lie City Character Sketches

So I decided on my idea for my Layout & Timing class. I ended up doing some character sketches of the possible main characters for my short, so I could get an idea of their shapes and what their designs would be. I have a rough idea revolving around Cimc, Cimcicola, and Snuvy. The others will all be background characters, if even in it.







Monday, January 26, 2015

Darkitu and Blue Ice

Some more characters I've done this weekend! Darkitu's pose was actually based off an old sketch from earlier this month.

Blue Ice is newest of the Higher Up Birds and does not particularly enjoy dealing with children. In his experiences as a Bird-In-Training, he would not entertain his kids but instead he would just watch over them and make sure that they were behaving. Blue Ice is usually a fairly brave dragon, but when he is dealing with his Nay, Veetoff, he can become quite cowardly. He is usually more of a follower and doesn't really think on his own very much. He enjoys to watch over events rather than participate in them, but he is very intelligent. Blue Ice is possibly one of the strongest in Tag World, but he is often too lazy to use his powers and will usually not use his full strength.

Darkitu is a very strong assistant to Gallu. He is very good at hiding in the shadows and sneaking around when necessary. Darkitu will often help Gallu in indirect ways, as his way to guiding Gallu on the right path. He often tries to hide any good deeds that he does in order to keep his cool front. He has a weird way with words and talks about Speedvoring it up. He also enjoys complete silence during his Thinking Plan.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sketchbook Drawings!

So it's been awhile since I've drawn in my sketchbook (probably about 2-3 weeks actually). Last night I got some inspiration from looking through Jinny Hinkle's sketchbook, so I started to sketch a bit. I'm trying to fill up this sketchbook since I'm only about 10 pages away.

Some characters from my thesis, mostly to warm up.

Various character sketches.

And some hands and feet practice.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

First ASC Meeting of the Semester!

Sadly, last night was the last first ASC meeting of a semester that I will be able to be a part of. It was a lot of fun though, and I was able to draw some stuff during Weeklies.

Bluebreath is a very outgoing creature. His close friendship with Cimc causes him to have a great relationship with his family. He likes to talk a lot, and is very good at lying. He has a sly ability to twist peoples' words against them, which he is very proud of.
Also I created this for the Weeklies Scribble Contest.

During the Weeklies meeting, we did some gesture drawings of an active Super Smash Bros game. They paused at certain parts towards the end, but we drew them in action for the first match. It was a lot of fun!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Layout & Timing Pitches

This week we pitched ideas in Layout & Timing class. The class seemed to be leaning towards the first idea, though I was torn between that one and the third one. So this weekend I'm planning to develop my first idea a bit more and probably go with that one. This is for our semester-long project.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oleg & Yaguzi

And here are some more character drawings from the week!

Oleg is a very jolly old man whose laugh can shake entire houses and be heard from miles away. He will do whatever he can to make his grandchildren happy and enjoys spoiling them when he can. Though he is a grandfather, he is not particularly responsible, as he did lose one of them when going out on a trip with them.

Yaguzi is an easygoing guy who loves socializing. Although he gets nervous around new groups of people, he usually appears to be very collected and calm nevertheless. Yaguzi has the ability to travel through time, and is able to see events that his self in other time lines are seeing. Sometimes he has outbursts and his abilities are not always completely under his control, so he can look to be suspicious from other peoples' point of view. His family is not yet known, but he comes from a line of "cats," as he puts it, because they are known for using claws in battle. Also, Yaguzi was trained under Mr Dude, so he has formed a close bond with him also because of their similarities in time traveling abilities.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Extra Time Off

Because of the holiday, my weekend has been a little more relaxed. You'll be seeing some classwork soon, but for now these are more daily characters.

Gostream is an outgoing actor and son of James. He became friends with Gair back in The Guy Who Talks Like This World when working on a movie. Although Gostream can be very lively, he becomes quite nervous around those of high authority. Gostream talks to just about anyone and can easily befriend them.

Mushy is a walking, talking mushroom mage. In general, he is quite an energetic boy. Just like his friend Kai, Mushy is studying the ways of magic. He was trained by the wizard Floaz, brother of Buisze.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

More Familiar Characters

So I've been getting to some characters who are a bit more important in The Nays. Some that are coming up are main characters, and others are pretty important to the story as well. It's a nice change from some of the background characters I came across earlier.

Gojo is an obnoxious boy who probably needed to be disciplined more as a child. He gets very enthusiastic about whatever he is doing, and his voice can usually be heard from miles away. He hates silence and will prevent it at all costs; which can cause many people to view him as annoying. He has a crush on his housemate Mar, as does his best friend Ralphie. Neither of them ever mentions it, but they can get jealous of each other at times.

MadRat is an intimidating member of the Bleeding Libras. He is feared by many in Neo Obelisque City, and will beat up anyone who stands in his way. His super strength is what makes people fear him most, and he is not particularly nice, even to those who consider themselves his comrades.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

First Week: Almost Complete

Just need to finish up this day and then the first week of classes will be over. I've been trying to keep up with my daily characters this semester, but considering it's my final semester and I'm going to be super busy with my thesis, I can only image there will be some days (or weeks) that I am unable to in the future. So just a heads-up there!

Zitca is a very eccentric, yet intelligent robot. He adds his catchphrase "buh" to almost everything he says. Despite his oddities, he is a world renowned hacker who can do just about anything with a keyboard and mouse at his fingers. He was originally close friends with Shaw and Gair, but has grown a bit distanced from them in recent years.

Cassie is the mother of Gair and Zandra, and the wife of Jaboo. She is a very angry woman who is almost always in a bad mood. She is not a very nice person to be around when she is extremely angry; she can become very violent and cause a lot of damage. She enjoys punishing her children and will go out of her way to find their faults. Although she may not look it, she actually enjoys cooking; not to say that she is a very good cook, but she still enjoys it nonetheless. At one point, she gets very angry and throws a stove, severely injuring someone (hence the pose she is in here).

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Final Semester at CCAD

So I'm in my last semester at CCAD, which is pretty crazy. It feels like it went by pretty fast. I'm definitely going to miss it a lot, so I'm gonna try my best to really accomplish as much as I can this semester. There has been a gap in blog posts because I've mostly been busy with moving back in, starting up classes, and other things. But now I'm back to posting at least every other day (until classes pick up a lot at least).

Kicky is a very outgoing boy who loves to imitate others. His interests all revolve around his hero, Scott. Before he knew Scott, Kicky copied off of his brother Punchy's personality. Kicky does not really have much of his own opinion and often relies on others to decide for him. Kicky is very mean to people that he does not like and usually ends up talking really loudly when he is upset.

Timmy is a very cheerful young boy who loves playing video games for children. He will always tell people that he is in the "E Group" because the games he plays are rated E. He is always looking for new friends, and once he gains a new friend, he will do whatever he can to keep them. He has a very strong attachment to Scott, regardless of how much Scott hates him.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Since I happened to make a bunch of the babies' birthdays be in January, that was this week's drawings.

King Baby is a royal baby who is the leader of the "Mini-game Babies." He ridicules anything that is not "royal" in his eyes. King Baby is very demanding and forces his friends to follow his every order, telling them that it will make them more "royal."

Mr Purple PJs is the "royal baby" of the Mini-game Island Babies. He is very proper for a baby, and serves the babies as a butler. He is often taken advantage of because of his kind personality, and will do as the other babies ask him without question.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nays Collab The Board Game

So this is a fun little project that my brother and I started at the very beginning of winter break. We only played it for two days total, but it was a lot of fun. We created a board game for our characters to play and are having them gain "points" for the game by the number of notes they get on Tumblr. You can check out the blog here. A lot of these drawings you see will be collaborations we did. The ones I did not take part in are not pictured here, but are pictured on the blog.

Pixel art of Wes and Lupita.

This was a short comic we made. The only panel I drew was the long horizontal one in the middle.

Photo album page where there was a prompt to draw the other Nay that was playing at the time as an animal. And then one of The Nays had to make a comment on the page.

Collaboration drawing of random stuff. I drew Gojo (the one laying on the ground) and Lonny (the one taking a photo with his phone).

Two "Guess the Character" drawings where we searched for the newest drawing on the Fanart page of deviantART and drew one of the characters we recognized from the page.

And then these are some paper cut-out Nays that we made. My two are on the right side and his are the two on the left. There are also closeups we took of them, I just included the two I did on here, but they're all on the blog.