Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Time Needs to SLOW DOWN

It's getting to that time of the semester where projects are piling up and things are getting super stressful! No surprise, since midterms are rapidly approaching. Crazy, because it feels like this semester just started a few weeks ago, though!

Casmella is a very energetic girl who lives in the forest. She is very barbaric and does not live as regular residents of PS World. She falls in love with Heri Cots Vert when she meets him, and will do anything to help him; even if he does not particularly feel the same about her.

Elfno is a serious boy who enjoys training. He comes from a species that must exchange bodies to survive. When he loses control of his body, he has outbursts and does not act like his normal self. He is very close with his friends, and looks up to his brother Eitear. He is very obedient to Eitear and his associates of Outlaw Bar, and will listen to them no matter what. Because of Elfno's seriousness, he becomes upset very easily, especially when someone is trying to make fun of him.

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