Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Quick Characters!

Been doing my daily characters!

Spicco is a very outgoing guy who is always talking, to just about everyone, even to the point where he will annoy them. He loves to annoy people and make up jokes that only he and his "son" will laugh at hysterically. He loves voice acting, which he is very bad at. He also has a passion for basketball, and bonded with his old best friend Topaz over sports. He has become very close with The Guy Who Talks Like This, eventually learning how to teleport from him.

Dorby is a creature from Biggert City, who enjoys digging holes. He is often seen hanging around with Lappy, causing mischief together and moving about.

Jessie is a girl who is not very talkative, but she follows her group wherever they go. She does not talk out that much unless she is screaming something as a group with her friends. She has strong feelings for Ben, and will follow him wherever he goes.

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