Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lots of Characters!

I've been doing my daily character drawings, I just haven't posted them here in awhile!

Kaenah is the son of a warrior who captured and enslaved his mother. Shortly after his birth, Kaenah was left in the care of his mother's friend, Chavez. This harsh upbringing turned Kaenah into the tough fighter he is today. He fights with a long sword and incorporates bubblegum into a lot of his techniques. He was recently partially brainwashed by the Cult of Macca in SN World. Every so often, he slips out of consciousness and turns into a mindless cult member named Hark.

Urom is Murou's sister, although they are almost complete opposites in personality. Unlike Murou, Urom tends to keep to herself, and easily gets upset at those who try to get close. Because of this, Urom does not have a lot of friends in The Worlds. She has however taken a slight liking to Scroll and Ches, but she would never admit that. She fights by playing songs into her star-shaped flute, which doubles as a boomerang.

Gair is always likes talking, and often makes fun of those he does not like. He is extremely energetic and always takes the role of a leader when The Nays are forced into certain situations. He has a strong attachment to Harukame and the leaders of Party Sanctuary. He will talk to anyone, even if he does not know them; for some people that he likes he will get excited about as in saying "Haw Grenna!" or "Haw Piko!

General Mango is a very deceitful man who often pretends he is much nicer than he actually is. He uses this mask to trick people and manipulate their feelings. He is very good at what he does, so he has a high position at his job.

Hawkin is a very outgoing Bird-In-Training and close friend of Pidgebeetle. He watches over the S Nays, and is always looking for a way for them to have fun. Hawkin loves being in the company of The Nays, and even though they do not like him, he always looks for ways to keep them in Tag World doing events that he plans. Hawkin is always very enthusiastic and loves to have fun. When he is not with The Nays, he is usually found hanging around with his girl friend, Angel.

O-llie is a creature that Doge befriended in The Worlds. He is a very outgoing fellow who enjoys being in the company of anyone. He likes talking to people and sharing his thoughts.

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