Monday, October 13, 2014

Character Stories!

I did a lot of really fun stuff for my Character Design class this week. Unfortunately, it was the last week before my instructor is leaving the country for a month. But either way, I'm still excited for the projects to come.

These characters are from a story I made up revolving around some background characters from my other series. I developed them a lot farther and re-designed them all basically. You can read about what the story is above in the image.

We had to re-design an unappealing character for class, so I chose Yumi from Code Lyoko. No one in that show has very appealing designs, so I just chose the one I felt like would be the most fun.

Some expression studies from in class, based off of photos from the Nighmares Fear Factory. Pretty sure that last page of Pubby's is my favorite of the bunch.

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