Thursday, October 30, 2014

Big Character Post!

So I've been keeping up with my daily characters for the most part, I've just been neglecting posting on my blog for the past few days. Oops. I got sick over the weekend, so this week has been catching up a lot and I just kind of forgot to post any updates for the past few days.

Finnchuk is the very loud and energetic leader of the Little Kids. His heated skin allows for him to warm up objects that he comes in contact with, causing him to create "warm blankets." He will often should out "Warm Blanket!" and usually is seen wearing one like a cloak. He is an avid leader who usually takes charge of situations, unless he is faced with his older brothers or Question.

Aleen has a very open minded outlook on life and looks down on those with less experience than him. He is a professional tattoo artist whose tattoos are super pricey, unless of course, the customer is a member of the Dusty Dimes. He gives the Dusty Dimes top priority and gives them major discounts on his "tats."

Fran "Frank Lady" FitzRivers is the outgoing leader of Frank Lady World. She has a strong liking for skateboarding. She is known for making some of the best tacos in all of The Worlds. Frank Lady has a lot of trouble keeping The Nays under control, and although she allows them to be very outgoing and party, she does not particularly want them to get out of control. Frank Lady can become very stern and somewhat scary when she is in a bad mood, although even then she is still taken advantage of.

Cimcicola is a mouse that lies a lot and specializes in deceiving others, especially his family members. He does not stay loyal to his friends and often back-stabs those around him. He bullies his younger brother Cimc, even though he hangs around him and his friends often.

Zesty is a tough man of few words, aside from his catch-phrase "Urrf." He is from the Blue family, and is the brother that disappeared a long time ago. The Blues never knew what happened to him, but he actually got trapped in The Worlds and became an R Nay.

Con is a very dangerous boy who carries a knife and his portable game system wherever he goes. Whenever he is trying to be nice, he changes his voice to be a normal childish voice, but his true self is a very demonic deep voice. This boy is very greedy and always wants everything to go his way. He always wants attention and will purposely get in the way of others just so that he is noticed.

Evan is the strange leader of Evan World. He is very competitive and enjoys holding competitions with various events involved. Whenever Evan feels the need to watch a competition, he will teleport a large group of people to his World so that he can spectate. Evan has a great hatred for names and certain words, and he will go berserk if he hears the certain names or words said aloud.

Clove is a very energetic girl who is always very curious. She tries to pretend she is much older than she actually is, but that doesn't mean she actually acts more mature. She always wants to do "grown-up things" and wants to be well-informed about everything happening around her. She tries to dress more fashionably, with the illusion that she will look much older than she is. She usually acts before she thinks, but when she needs to, she slows down and respects others' personal space.

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