Saturday, October 18, 2014

Big Character post!

Lots more characters from this week! I feel like I haven't posted these in awhile, but I have been doing my daily character drawings.

Uather is very outgoing and enjoys watching spoilers. He is a very curious young raccoon who is always aware of his surroundings. He likes to sing and is the leader of his band, The Sp00kz. Uather likes shouting out and carries a gun with no bullets around with him, "breathing clearly" with it. The orphans sometimes call him BreatheClear.

Ventanna is not very talkative at all. He speaks little, but has much on his mind. He shares only his thoughts with Araylee and even what he says to her is very limited. He believes in keeping to himself in order to eliminate putting burdens on others. He wields guns and is very good at killing and sneaking around. Once he splits up with Araylee, he becomes a legend that joins the Dusty Dimes for the sole purpose of killing MadRat, one of the leaders of a rival gang.

Pixy is a very stuck up creature and is obsessed with herself. She is usually cold to just about everyone besides Cimc, who she has feelings for. Pixy enjoys tormenting her enemies and loves to see them suffer. She is very attached to Cimc, and will do almost anything for him, even though she tries to act cool on the outside. She does not enjoy dealing with anyone but Cimc.

Jaboo is a very irresponsible father who is always found drunk or in a gang fight. He does not take very good care of his kids and offers them drinks, even when they were underage. Since he is often drunk, he yells a lot and is very angry. Although, his temper does not nearly compare with his wife's.

Glenda is a very old woman who owns a bath house. She goes to bed very early and if waken up, she can become quite cranky. Glenda does not tolerate any goofing around and is very strict. She is often found yelling at children and becomes annoyed very easily. It is quite rare that she is friendly or welcoming to guests of her bathhouse.

Slyro is the brother of Gyro, and has a very small crowd of kids. This creature is always fairly calm and does not like a lot of noise. Slyro is a Bird-In-Training who knows his kids very well and will usually try to please them in any way he possibly can. Although, when he is angry, he can be very vicious and dangerous.

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