Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weeklies Scribbles!

This is some stuff I've been doing in Weeklies the past two weeks.

Question is a very angry creature that is almost always in a bad mood. He is very manipulative and controlling, so he almost always ends up getting his way. He is very power-hungry, and even drives his own brother to give up his position as leader of the Little Kids, due to peer pressure.

Here it is with the scribble overlayed.

Sarah is one to keep to herself; and she is also a mind-reader. Upon turning into a Dark Vao, Akuma has been her guardian; this has brought the two of them to be very close friends. Sarah will only talk to Akuma, Kominushu, Clove, or Trekkon. She will never open up to anyone, but sometimes to those four. She once had strong feelings for Trekkon, ever since she first met him, so she was very determined to help him turn against again. Once he came back onto their side, her obsession simmered away, and she merely just treats him as a friend now. Sarah also was childhood friends with Muyo, but now the two of them rarely talk; Sarah is a very lonesome girl.

And here's that one with the scribble overlayed.

Some gestures from last week's Weeklies session.

And some Muscle memory drawings from Weeklies last week.

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