Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Daily Characters

Some more of my character work! These are really relaxing to do each day; a really nice break from more intensive work.

Cypriss is an easygoing guy who runs Outlaw Bar. He is very intelligent and knows a lot about robots and what it takes to create them. He is also a very powerful warrior who trains Elfno when he is feeling weak. He is not very good at public speaking and will often mix up his words, creating incoherent sentences.

CheeseBurger is a very intimidating creature from his looks, but is actually very kindhearted. He often considers betraying Sid (his boss) and joining up with the enemy; every time he does this, he claims that it is because he considers Sid's actions as evil. Although, every time that he thinks of it, he will change his mind and back out before he is able to fulfill any commitments. He is always very joyful and supplies comic relief. Although, when he is angered, he is a deadly creature to be feared and has the ability to kill many without even having much of a recollection of what happened afterward.

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