Thursday, September 11, 2014

Characters with Props!

Some more character drawings and some sketchbook exercises! I tried to go beyond my regular character a day and actually add a prop into the drawing. I'm planning on doing this for the days that I have more time.

Bouncy Room Lady is the founder of #BouncyRoom in the Pojo Complex. She was once a very happy rabbit who enjoyed letting people come to her channel to have fun. Once Chozu took over her channel and banned her, she began to be a very vengeful rabbit who wanted revenge on him. She has an intense hatred for Chozu, since he destroyed her life at Pojo Complex and vows to one day punish him. She fights with an inflatable hammer; and basically she only uses inflatable objects.

Pidgebeetle is one of the Bird-In-Trainings of Tag World. He watches over the M Nays when they visit Tag World, although they do not particularly like him. Pidgebeetle is usually very happy and likes to treat The Nays as if they are his own children who live in Tag World. He always thinks up games or events for The Nays to play, and some of them are usually not events that The Nays particularly want to do. Whenever he has a chance to, he will bring The Nays to Tag World, and keep them from going to their real homes. Pidgebeetle is usually very outgoing and happy.

Some composition studies I've done while watching Hunter x Hunter in my free time.

A quick page of 30 second gestures.

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