Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Characters During Breaks!

The long weekend gave me some more time to do my own art once homework was done.

Tenma is a childhood friend of both Akuma and Isod. He's an outgoing type who loves to have fun. Tenma always jokes around and is rarely seen being serious. Although he did once betray his friends, he has learned to forge close bonds and keep them forever. He is always looking out for those he cares about, and after the defeat of Death, he holds those bonds even closer.

Mr Bailey is a very mysterious old man. He has healing powers and is a very skilled leader of the medical camp in PS World. He has the ability to exorcise evil spirits from people. Mr Bailey carries his patients in wagons and has the ability to fly at rocket speed. He is a very kindhearted old man who loves to joke around and will often make up jokes that only he finds funny. This man is a big fan of baseball.

Powell is a very stern dog who bites anything in his site. He does not like taking orders from anyone, and likes to be free. He is an older dog, so is definitely not as energetic as he was in his younger years.

This was my entry for the Pokemon Fanart Jam, held by PokeRole. This was a fun little exercise, and I haven't really drawn Quilava before, so it was a fun challenge.

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