Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Character Shaping

We got our critiques back from our classmates this week, so I really learned what I needed to focus on a lot more. Overall, I realized that my characters were kind of generalized, and the color palettes certainly were not helping. So I have been playing around with some color ideas that are much less saturated from what I had in the past. Also, I realized that the Ragger family needed a lot of work; especially Clove. So I dove deeper into developing these character designs.

I decided to develop Clove a little further. I think her design is coming together a little better than before. I am at least feeling like she looks more her age, than I drew her before at least.

Some initial silhouette studies I did of the Ragger family. I really wanted to play around with shapes some more. I feel like I still could exaggerate things more, but I kind of want a more realistic feel just to set the more serious tone for the game.

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