Friday, September 5, 2014

Character Missing Link Project

Been trying to keep up with my Character a Day project in my free time! I'm now doing this project for my Missing Link project in my portfolio class. This way it'll force me to draw more often and keep up on things. Plus I'm gonna try to incorporate more props into these when I can.

Allan is a very strange boy who is very clueless. He does not have very good ears and he speaks with a very strange tone of voice. Allan has a hard time following directions and will often find himself lost in even his own directions. He does not like to listen to others and usually enjoys making The Nays do events that they do not like doing. He enjoys riding on his dog, Future Towlie.

Tonic is a powerful wizard who can communicate with the dead. He likes to be wet at all times; so his favorite place to be is in the water, and always needs to be hydrated by some liquid. Although he is a powerful wizard, he cannot tend to his manor alone; his body guard Elfin helps him a lot. Tonic has a habit of biting people that he does not particularly like, or mostly invaders who are not welcome in his manor.

Big Draga is a dragon Bird-In-Training who loves children. He is particularly good when dealing with younger children, but even the older ones he will treat like young children. This dragon is possibly the most kindhearted character in all of The Worlds. He will never allow anyone to be harmed, and is always looking out for everyone no matter who they are.

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