Friday, September 26, 2014

Character Explorations!

Some more character drawings! I did a few explorations this week.

CP Auron is a skater girl from Aiml World who collects poisons. She's a big fan of Gahla, the poison mage. She is very demanding and controlling. If things are not done the way she wants them to, she will take drastic measures to make sure they are done correctly according to her. She has her own pad underneath the Candle Park in The Hood and hates Muko.

The Grandfather Who Talks Like This, often known as The Grandfather, is always watching over his grandson, TGWTLT, and is very kind to his family. Although, when he is in a bad mood, he can cause storms to whole Worlds and cause very much destruction. He has never had a confrontation with The Nays themselves, but he knows almost everything about them because he watches them and hears from his son.

Did some character explorations of Pubby. Still trying to figure out his design.

And some of explorations of Tropik.

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