Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yesterday's Scribbles

Some more characters and life drawings. I've been focusing on writing a little more these past few days, so I'm kind of splitting my time between writing and drawing.

Wes is a very wise man who possesses the power to read minds. He taught Piko how to fight and later on ends up training Ralphie as well. He is very powerful, but does not enjoy using his powers unless it is completely necessary (which is why he prefers to teach those of the new generation instead). Wes has been around for many years, but is from a species that ages much slower. He is a very relaxed teacher, so he takes his time when he is teaching someone.

Some doodles to try and figure out Director Curry's design. I tried to make his nose a little more like the other Blues, but it didn't quite look right with his design. I may just need to play around with the colors some more.

Sketchbook gestures from the mall last weekend.

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